com.bear.common.sdk / BearCallback


interface BearCallback

This class provides callbacks for BEAR SDK.



open fun onArViewInitialized(): Unit

Called when the augmented reality view is initialized.


open fun onAssetClicked(assetId: Int): Unit

Called when an asset is clicked by user. Note: callback will not be called when image asset is clicked because it has no click area as it has no content and may be used as overlay on another asset for visual effect. Also if 2 assets overlap and user clicks on it, the callback will be called for the above one (except if it is an image asset).


open fun onError(error: Throwable): Unit

Called when error occurs while application retrieves marker information from backend.


open fun onMarkerNotRecognized(): Unit

Called when marker not recognized. This can happen in case of bad light conditions, bad or no network connection, wrong licence keys or obviously no marker in the scanned place.


open fun onMarkerRecognized(markerId: Int, assetsId: List<Int>): Unit

Called when marker recognized.


open fun onMarkerWithUnsupportedAsset(): Unit

Called when marker contain unsupported asset .